Financial Aid Services


FAS allows institutions to streamline their Title IV Financial Aid Procedures effortlessly. Whether using FAS’ software applications or FAS’ friendly and accessible staff, institutions notice immediate relief and improved administrative capability when outsourcing with FAS.

“We like to think of ourselves as the institution’s virtual financial aid department, because we are so interactive. Our experienced staff actually performs the work for the institution instead of just supplying software to them and making them do all the data entry, tracking and reporting. We find this is most beneficial since our experienced, accurate staff keeps the school finding-free and in compliance with Federal Regulations.”

-Sandi O’Connell, Co-Owner and Vice President.

FAS Blizzard Pics 2015


We Survived the Blizzard of 2015!FAS Blizzard Pics 2015 Cannot see out my window

This is what 31 inches of snow looks like.




I am having trouble seeing out my window today.

(Sandi O’Connell 1-28-15)

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