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FAS Integrates Its Title IV Disbursements Directly to Genesis and Other SIS’s

The Department of Education has been focusing on accurate disbursement dates and amounts within the school ledger as compared to the Department of Education’s COD reports.  It is critical that these dates and amounts match across the board on all reports. Unfortunately, many schools have different dates and amounts on their internal records from what the Department of […]

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1098T Alert!

Functionality has been added to Genesis-SMS for Form 1098T Copy A and 1096 to save as an file to send electronically using the IRS FIRE system. We encourage using this method. You still can obtain IRS approved preprinted readable ink laser/inkjet (not carbon) forms from your vendor to print the F1098T CopyA and F1096. Form 1098T Copy B (student) and C (school) will print to regular printer paper.

The # of students in the run list will automatically calculate (can be edited) in order for the 1096 to be filled in properly. Also, a Select All/Unselect All button has been added along with check boxes next to each students name on the run list so that one or multiple students can be chosen to print forms.

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Is Your Staff Knowledgeable?

According to a recent article in the NACCAS newsletter, your staff better know what is going on. “Administrative Staff Knowledge” is part of the NACCAS Rules and one of the most frequently cited criterion, standard III, Criterion 3.

To be in compliance, ” The school’s administrative staff must be able to provide evidence, through documentation of attendance at training sessions and conferences, and in other appropriate ways, that they have knowledge of applicable federal, state, and local statutes and regulations governing the operation of the school. The school complies with the NACCAS Rules of Practice and Procedure and other NACCAS accreditation requirements.”

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