Pathway to Administrative Capability for Career Institutions

Register for the FAS Spring Seminar May 19 in Portland Maine

Each year FAS holds its Federal Update and Spring Seminar in May to be sure all client institutions understand what they must be doing in Title IV to maintain their programs and not fall out of compliance.

FAS is urging its clients and guests to register FAS Seminar May 19th  without delay There has been much change and there will continue to be many surprises as the New Administration makes its way into Higher Education.

Gainful Employment has reeked havoc at some institutions, other intuitions are struggling under increased scrutiny and uncovered weaknesses in audits.

Many institutions are wondering where the students are and how to stay afloat amidst so much red tape and students who can’t afford education..

Our industry has always been one of change, but this time the changes seem more difficult to measure up to.

Please come to Portland, Maine’s beautiful coast at the Westin Harborview  on May 19th, and participate in a one day jam packed day of need to know information to assist your school in dealing in Title IV and staying viable during these turbulent times.