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FAS takes FASLine to the WEB

FAS continues to offer the most modern easy-to-use Financial Aid processing software in conjunction with its consulting and processing services. FAS recently redesigned its FASLine application to be completely web based. FASLine allows clients to input limited student data which submits directly into FAS’ server in order for FAS to process its client school’s Title IV accurately and efficiently.

The biggest news it what FAS has in store for enhancements to FASLine now that it is web based.  We can now add these enhancements on the fly without cumbersome manual uploads.

For starters, FAS will be able to post messages for schools to see when they log on daily.  FAS will add a number of new reports for schools to monitor their student financial aid data and to provide to auditors for year end audits.  FAS will continue to keep FASLine simple for the least amount of data input and work for its clients.  After all, FAS was hired to do the work for the school using its expertise.  We don’t expect the school to do it all with software.  Otherwise, why would we call it a full service?

We want to hear from you! What do you want  FAS and/or FASLine to do for you? 

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