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sandipaulspickSandi O’Connell, Partner and Vice President of Operations of FAS and Genesis-SMSS, has worked closely with founder and owner, Al Gillis as his daughter and colleague for over 26 years at Financial Aid Services, Inc.   After earning her Business Management Degree, Sandi began learning the art of consulting and servicing in an unpredictable Federal Aid environment from the ground, up. Through the 26 years Sandi has been with FAS, she has tackled the numerous and complex Federal regulations that burden schools daily and created a revealing news periodical called FASTimes,  which keeps schools informed of the changes and issues in the financial aid industry. Sandi has also had numerous opportunities to visit schools to conduct audits and review files, as well as, train a variety of school personnel in the financial aid process.

As an owner/partner, Sandi is using her financial aid systems knowledge and management background to continue to successfully evolve FAS services and software to be an undeniable valuable asset to schools.  Sandi’s passion for creating genuine lasting relationships with each school and going the extra mile to help in all areas of school management has kept FAS schools loyal clients for many years.



Ron Berton, Co-Owner and Vice President, FASRon Berton, Partner and Vice President of Finance of FAS and Genesis-SMSS, has worked closely with founder and owner,  Al Gillis, as his colleague for over 25 years at Financial Aid Services, Inc. After earning his Business Management Degree, Ron ambitiously set out to gain expertise in consulting and servicing in the ever-changing Title IV programs and in school management in general. Through the numerous years Ron has been with FAS, he has visited schools across the U.S. to perform school management assessments, training and compliance audits. He has researched many Federal regulations and clarifications thus establishing a close professional relationship with the U.S. Department of Education. Ron’s most significant achievement has been his heading up and coordinating the design, development and deployment of Genesis-SMSS, currently, “the most integrated and easy to use” school administrative software. His software design experience also carries over redesigning FAS’ internal application and school internet based software, FASLine, which FAS provides to schools to process and package Title IV aid.  Ron also spearheaded the design of FAS’ newest web based application, EDGE, which will brings all software into one web package.    


Al Gillis, Owner and President of FASAl Gillis, Owner and President of FAS and Genesis-SMSS, possesses 45 years of experience in financial aid and school management. This experience includes acting as Director of Financial Aid at a well known business university in Massachusetts for over 10 years. Then, Al took on the role as Vice President for a large chain of career schools for several years where he was involved in all aspects of the beauty career school industry, In 1980, Al formed his Financial Aid Services, Inc., as a consulting company which has evolved into full third-party servicing and processing including its own school management software, Genesis-SMSS and is now recognized as one of the oldest and largest consulting companies in the country. Many institutions, along with state and Federal agencies continually seek Al’s assistance in all aspects of the school industry including accreditation, Application to the Title IV programs, Annual Compliance Audits and Federal Program Reviews.


Rondaheadshot at tableRonda Dolan,
Senior Sales and Client Relations Director, has been with FAS for the past 12 years and has been serving as a the friendly first contact for newly DOE approved Schools, as well as, our FAS and Genesis School Management Software users.   Ronda represents the Company by attending numerous conferences and workshops around the Country and strives to build personal relationships with present and future clients.   Ronda has a strong customer relations and legal  background which includes five years as a New England Patriots Cheerleader and additional years as the Manchester Wolves Arena Football Dance Squad Coach and Fan Event Coordinator, as well as, 7 years as a legal secretary for a prestigious law firm in the Boston area.  Ronda also brings experience from the technical industry in working as an account manager for a major wireless phone company for over 4 years.  Ronda has a passion for positivity and a contagious energy that defines FAS’ and our genuine aspiration to help schools through the complex regulatory environment and the many strict processes of aid disbursement in the Title IV arena.

David Nichols, david-boat-crop
Client Solutions Manager/Senior Consultant
has been with Financial Aid Services for over 22 years working in all areas of Title IV management including Pell Grants, Direct Loans, Budget Creation, ECAR updates, Training and Compliance . David is a key customer contact for newly DOE approved Schools in creating Cost of attendance budgets, as well as, satisfaction assurance for existing FAS clients.  David is a well-known expert in the industry with client institutions and the Department of Education and represents FAS at many workshops and conferences.  FAS clients look forward to seeing David at regular meetings and new and prospective school staff love David’s friendly expert advice.  David has a solid background in Student Financial Aid and School Management.  Before coming to FAS, David was the FA at a large career school.


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