About Genesis-SMSS

Introducing the WORKHORSE that made student data tracking and management a breeze… 

 Financial Aid Services, Inc., a proven leader in student financial aid servicing, formulated and launched Genesis-School Management Software Service (SMSS), LLC in 2000. As a result of intense market analysis and research, as well as valuable input from experienced industry professionals, Genesis-SMSS succeeded in becoming the first to introduce a state-of-the-art, fully integrated, Windows® software workhorse: Genesis-School Management Software (SMS). Genesis-SMSS has gone to great lengths to ensure SMS does nothing but make student data tracking a breeze. By allowing SMS to automate everyday functions, an enormous amount of time will be freed up to concentrate on more important tasks, like building a solid educational environment for students.

Our goal was to quickly make Genesis-SMS a well-respected commodity in our industry. We have now accomplished that goal and welcome any and all additional input you, as school owners and officials, have to offer. We strive to offer continuous enhancements updates as well as the best in technical support. We want to ensure that you are forever using a software product that is developed around the latest and greatest software technology available.

Genesis-SMS now presents one of the most powerful, comprehensive, and user friendly school management software products available today. Utilizing state of the art technology and intuitive logic, everything you need during the course of the day is just one mouse click or keystroke away, a powerful time saver unique to Genesis-SMS.