Advanced Training

Need Training? We can help!

FAS provides its clients and prospective clients with FREE unlimited training within its modern training facility in Salem, NH .

Clients and prospective clients may view the list of classes below to decide what type of training fits their needs best. All classes are held at FAS’ offices and start at 9:00 a.m. and end at 4:00 p.m. (unless otherwise specified.) FAS does not charge for the class. (Our philosophy is that the more training we provide, the more effectively the school and FAS will operate.) Schools may send as many people as necessary. However, in order to keep classes productive and to preserve the one-on-one approach, FAS will limit class size to a maximum of 12 people per class. Attendee is responsible for all travel expenses. Business Casual dress is encouraged.

FAS always strives to be as flexible as possible to meet the school’s needs. Therefore, schools are encouraged to call FAS to discuss class content and actual class days and availability. FAS encourages schools to attend training’s at our facility. However, if any client needs FAS to send trainers to their school, FAS will incur a daily training fee plus travel expenses for one or two trainers.

All attendees who attend training classes at FAS’ training facility can look forward to meeting then entire FAS staff and seeing FAS’ impressive operations at work. Attendees will relax in FAS’ large training facility specially equipped with full screen for computer viewing and presentation viewing purposes. Our quiet, informal and interruption-free atmosphere will allow for complete focus on the training. Training material will be presented by a number of different senior staff members who specialize in those areas specific to the training. Attendees will experience HANDS-ON training using FAS’ newest computer workstations. Attendees will also have the opportunity to experience some of Historic New England’s charms if they choose to do some sightseeing.

(Certificate of Completion will be provided upon request to meet training requirements by certain agencies.)


Advanced Federal Financial Aid Training

  • Compliance
  • Reauthorization Updates
  • Improving existing Financial Aid Systems and Procedures
  • Student File Review
  • Policy review
  • Audit preparation
  • School questions or topic suggestions