Connecting with Nature

By April Hersey – “Lose yourself in nature and find peace.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson. Life can get so hectic: kids, sports, jobs, meetings, appointments, pets. It all adds up. Everything I do, every thought I have, uses energy. I find connecting with nature to be the best way to recharge. Every Sunday morning, I load up the kayak and head to the water. Here, in the early hours of the morning it is quiet. I paddle for a while, taking in the colors all around me. The bright blue of the sky, crisp greens in the trees, the ripples in the dark water from the morning breeze; stopping to appreciate the beauty in it all.

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Audit Best Practices: Is Your Institution Audit Ready?

Reading Time: 4 min read Reality check: If a federal auditor were to contact your financial aid office right now with a surprise audit, how ready would you be for it? If that question is a bit nerve-wracking for you as a financial aid administrator, you are not alone. Many of your counterparts find it […]

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Ninja, Our Velociraptor

By Ashley Dowling – This week we sent our baby girl Ninja to the big scratch post in the sky. She was 17 years old with breast cancer. You’re never really ready for loss, and even when you know it’s coming it feels too sudden when it arrives.

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FASapp Webinar Available!

The FASapp Webinar is available! Request the webinar through our training sign ups page. ( You’ll receive a link to access the video with supplementary handouts in the description, these handouts will be linked. The “Show More” button beneath the video will show you those links when clicked. The video also features CHAPTERS! So you […]

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The Power of Your Gifts and Strengths

By Sandi O’Connell Do you know what your gifts are? What are your strengths? What are you good at that you love doing? Do you get to use your gifts and strengths at work every day? If you do, you are blessed, and your company is also fortunate. We all have some super power given […]

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Client Shout out!

We’re starting a new series of client shout outs! Watch a short video below to see who  FAS nominated for our first appreciation video and what the FAS staff had to say! Thank you for being part of our family!

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FASapp Webinar in April!

Get ready for our newest webinar, coming to you in April of this year! We’ll be featuring Sue Barber of the Pell and Compliance Departments. She is going to walk you through completing the FASapp – our application for requesting Title IV Funding. Stay tuned!  

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Shamrock vs. Four-Leaf Clover

By Caitlyn Murdock – St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and did you know that shamrocks and four-leaf clovers are NOT interchangeable? I know what you’re thinking… “What?”

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