FIDO FAS’ In-House Data Organizer

Automation + Experienced Staff = Accuracy and Quick Turn Around of Compliant Student Data

  • The staff at Financial Aid Services is able to accurately and efficiently process all incoming data for client schools by using our own customized application we like to call FIDO.
  • FIDO keeps all student data organized and compliant and allows FAS to make accurate calculations and other decisions so the school does not have to.
  • FIDO also has powerful reporting capability thus feeding FAS staff and clients alike with much needed data for Federal and State agencies reporting requirements.
  • FIDO was created over 20 years ago and has evolved to its current powerful state and is still evolving annually. FIDO’s database is backed up by a secure server and exceeds security and technical specifications.
  • What makes Financial Aid Services unique from its competitors is the large amount of resources we dedicate toward FIDO to automate our flow allowing staff more time to consult and talk to clients on demand.

FAS - FIDO, In-House Data Organizer