FISAP Preparation & Transmittal

If an institution in the Federal Student Assistance Programs wishes to participate in and offer Campus Based Awards such as Federal Work Study (FWS), PERKINS Loans or Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG), they will be required to complete and submit a report called the FISAP report by October 1st each year. This report requires the school to report on many types of student data. The report may be time consuming to do manually and institutions must submit accurate information to insure they receive optimal funding for the coming award years. FAS will complete the FISAP report for the institution using the data it gathers throughout the award year thus saving the institution time and expense. FAS will only require the institution to provide some data via FASLINE to complete the report. FAS will handle all submissions and edits and forward to the institution final award (funding) notices as they are published.

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