Genesis SMS Release Notes 3.24

Genesis-SMS Release 3.24


  • Your 2019 1098T electronic filing is now available.
  • For those Schools looking to capture an “Alternate Email” address for students, look no more. An Alternate Email field has been added to the Detail tab in Student Maintenance.
  • Is parking an issue at your School? We have added a Plate/Tag # field to the Detail Tab in Student Maintenance in order to track Student Plate/Tag #’s..
  • To save on keystrokes, “First Class Date” has been added to the Student Maintenance header.


  • Time Outside Sched Hours report has been amended to no longer display ‘Inactive’ Students.
  • When changing the “Type” in a Ledger entry from “Payment” to “Charge” after “Method” was already entered, the Method field will now automatically be removed.
  • A change has been made to the 90/10 report to display students that had financial activity between the start and end date the 90/10 report was run for.
  • Signature section of the Student Transcript reports has been updated to print at the bottom of each page.
  • Adjusted rounding rule for averaging Academic Retake grades has been corrected to always round up.