Genesis SMS Release Notes 3.29

Genesis-SMS Release 3.29


  • With all the changes in schedules and school closings this last year we have added a Holiday Refresh function to ensure that all students and dates are properly accounted for within reports. IMPORTANT…Genesis-SMSS STRONGLY recommends ALL schools utilize this function once 3.29 is installed
  • To aid in data entry integrity, when adjusting a student’s first-class date, the field will no longer allow a date older than 5 years
  • The Attendance Daily and Weekly reports not only report the Date Range attendance percentage, but it also now reports the Grand Total % Rate
  • Requirements can now be categorized as “Distance”
  • Student Transcripts have received multiple updates.
    • Addition of School Phone Number.
    • Incorporates minutes and distance count flags for Written and Requirements if utilized by school.
    • Addition of a new fields for Total Requirement Hours and Total Written hours.
  • Having trouble contacting withdrawn students?  The Roster Withdrawn Report now contains the student address and email
  • When importing Mindtap hours the system will now allow multiple attendance entries for import if a student already has attendance within the system
  • Having trouble finding what report to run for IPEDS?  We have now separated out the reports into groups based on the Data Collection Schedule
    • IPEDS Fall
    • IPEDS Spring
    • IPEDS Winter
  • To help you find all the right answers, look at all the new reports added.
    • IPEDS Fall All Completers by CIP Code Summary.
    • IPEDS Fall All Completers by Level Summary.
    • IPEDS Fall All Completers Summary
    • IPEDS Spring Part A Full-Time Counts.
    • IPEDS Spring Part A Part-Time Counts.
    • IPEDS Spring Part A Summary Counts.


  • Corrected issue with Weekly Summary reports where the Total Actual Hours and Total Absent Hours would not be displayed if the student had no breaks and no manual attendance.
  • Corrected rounding in the Student Transcript reports for the Scheduled Hours per Week field.
  • Corrected savings issue within Student Maintenance Detail Tab if “Unknown” was selected for student Housing status.
  • Corrected issue with Outside Sched Hours report where incorrect schedules were displayed for the attendance date.
  • Revenue and Unearned Revenue reports have been adjusted as follows:
    • Tuition calculation now use the ledger for student specific costs instead of costs at the program level.
    • Scheduled hours will no longer calculate past the students completion date.
  • Corrected  POS Cashout report where product quantity was not correct if there were multiple transactions with the same product.