Point Of Sale Module – POS

The Genesis-POS module interfaces directly with the Genesis-SMS Software. Genesis-POS will track and manage all your clinical or practical activity. Everything from automating your inventory control and grading procedures to tracking client history and student services, Genesis-POS does it all!

When a student completes a service and the client ticket is cashed out, the results of the service completion are automatically and instantly stored directly into the Genesis-SMS database. Because Genesis-SMS and the Genesis-POS module are fully integrated, there is no EXPORTING AND IMPORTING data. The DATA is LIVE! With a click of your mouse Genesis-POS gives you the ability to know, at any given time, which client tickets are open and which student services have been completed. This is one of the most powerful Genesis-SMS modules available and will undoubtedly make organizing your school activity easier than it has ever been. Add the optional cash drawer and receipt printer and there will be no stopping you!


  • Direct Live Interface with Genesis-SMS
  • No Exporting and Importing Data
  • Instant Access to Student Services
  • Inventory and Cash Controls
  • Client Activity and Service History
  • Automated Service Tickets
  • Optional Receipt Printer and Cash Drawer
  • Reports, Reports, and more Reports!

Service Ticket/Receipt Printer

Genesis-SMS also offers an optional receipt printer. Ever want to automate your service ticket process or advertise school promotion’s or product specials? Just hook up the automated receipt printer and you’ll have the means of relaying this information as well as present that professional look!


Electronic Cash Drawer

Why not also add the piece of mind of having a secure cash system? Eliminate the box of cash under the counter and the temptation of theft with an automated stainless steel cash drawer that only opens when a client’s service is completed and is then cashed out. Genesis-SMSS also supplies optional receipt printer paper if desired.