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How do I upload documents?

1-minute video

  1. Make sure student is in your school task page. If they are not click “Send to School Task Page” after clicking student’s name.
  2. Create document requests by clicking “Multi-Add” or “Add.”
  3. Upload your scanned file to each individual document request using the “upload” buttons.
  4. When all documents have been uploaded, click “Send to FAS for Review."

Where do I find the reject reason?

30-second video

  1. Assuming student is in your School Task page, click the student’s name to open their file.
  2. Scroll to bottom of page where document requests are beneath the blue bar. Find the request that is in red.
  3. The reject reason will be on the face of the document request next to an exclamation point. If it appears that the text is cut off, click the name of the document request.
  4. A new page will open to the history of the document request, scroll to the middle of the page to see all text. 

Where can I download the forms?

1-minute video

1. Make sure student is in your school task page. If they aren’t, click “Send to School Task Page” after clicking student’s name.
2. Create document requests by clicking “Multi-Add” or “Add.”
3. After document requests were saved and you are back in the student’s file, click “Create Packet.” As of 3/21/22 “Create Packet" has changed to “Download Forms."
4. Choose which forms you want to download, then click “Download” in top-right corner
5. New browser tab will open with forms selected for download or print

How do I download the Reviewed packet?

40-second video

1. Navigate to your “Reviewed Page.”
2. Recently cleared files will populate first.
3. Click the name of the student whose packet you want to download.
4. Click “View Packet” on left hand size.
5. The watermarked packet will open in a new window for print or download.

How do I log in and create password?

1. Visit
2. If you’ve never created a password, click “forgot password”
3. Type your email address in all lower case, with no spaces
4. Click SEND
5. Check your SPAM/Junk folder if an email was not sent to your inbox.
6. The email sent will guide you on creating a password

What is the status of the file I sent FAS?

1. Check the status of your file by clicking the “FAS tasks” page
2. All the student files you sent to FAS will populate
3. Above the student’s address will be the status of the file in either blue or green.
  • Selected for Verification = FAS has not opened the file
  • In 1st Review = FAS is reviewing the file
  • Ready for 2nd Review = File review has started
  • In 2nd Review FAS = reviewing for anything missed in 1st review
  • In Final Review = FAS is making corrections or in process of clearing

What does "Selected for undefined" mean on the student card?

It means that no one at the school or at FAS has assigned the student's card to a specific department at FAS. Every file in the School's Task page has a “set stage" button that allows a school to assign the file to a specific department at FAS and/or sort files by that department. Assigned departments are also known as a stage within the application. If a file was moved back and forth between FAS and the school prior to the update that implemented stages, users may see verbiage on the student's card as “Selected for undefined."

Any file that is sent to FAS tasks without selecting a department stage first will always automatically be assigned a stage of “Verification."

How do I change my notifications?

30-second video

1. Click your name in the top-right corner
2. Click “Profile"
3. A new page will open. You can change your email, name, branch assignments as applicable, and what email notifications you'll receive.

Where can I find training on the Student Portal?

You can find the training video here! Below is the full training for a Financial Aid Administrator. If you need to provide the student with their own training on how to use the student portal, you may forward them this video link: 

The link above is NOT the same video as what you see below. For better viewing we recommend expanding your screen when playing the video by clicking the  icon in the video toolbar.

10-minute video

Skip ahead in the video to see what you need faster by clicking the chapters icon: 

More FAQ questions about the Student Portal found here: Webinar FAQ

March 2022

Financial Aid Services – Student File Direct

Effective Thursday (3/31/2022)

Bug Fixes:

  • None reported to fix


  • Added FASLine SID#s above the student’s name on each student card. If no SID# exists, it will populate with “SID# Pending.” “SID# Pending” may occur on new ISIRs that have yet to be imported into FASLine until the following business day.
  • Added FASLine SID#s to the SEARCH page before the “Name” fields.
  • Added FASLine SID#s to Reviewed emails. If a file is cleared with a “SID# Pending” then no SID# will populate in the Reviewed email.


  • Added the ISIR EFC to each ISIR transaction in the ISIR box within each Student File. This eliminates the need to open the ISIR to view the EFC.

Effective MONDAY (3/21/2022)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Safari bug that previously hid certain buttons in document request bar including but not limited to the “View Packet" button


  • Added Stage Names to Student Cards when populating in the SEARCH page. Example: A student card will tell you if the stage is “Selected for PJ" or “Ready for 2nd Review" in the Search Page where previously this information did not populate.


  • Changed “Create Packet” verbiage to “Download Forms”
  • Removed option to select SCHOOL or FAS when adding Student Acknowledgement requests

February 2022

Financial Aid Services – Student File Direct

Effective MONDAY (2/7/2022)


  • Added a progress bar for document uploading and an error message if the document was not successfully uploaded


  • Document Requests – Reason for declined are saved in the history of each document request

January 2022

Financial Aid Services – Student File Direct

Effective THURSDAY NIGHT (1/6/2022) –  All schools will have the Student Portal enabled.



Within your Student’s File, on the Document Request bar you will see a new button labeled “Send to Student.”

      • Clicking “SEND TO STUDENT” will enable the student to have access to Student File Direct’s Student Portal where they can download forms, upload documents, and/or electronically complete FAS created forms.
    • The email address used to send the student an invite will be the email address on the FAFSA. If this email address is incorrect, the student would need to update their FAFSA.
    • Forms that require school signatures will also be converted into E-Forms to allow school officials to complete and sign their portions electronically after the student submits theirs.
    • Student Portal features daily email alerts sent to the student for both open requests and declined requests.
    • Student Portal features a single-click electronic consent

December 2021

Effective MONDAY (12/20/2021) – Release of several enhancements to existing features.

All filters for each page now has a save functionality. Upon log in, any previous filters selected will have saved. A “Clear" button has been added to the filter bar.

Additional filter options have been added to separate Verification files from Professional Judgement Files. 

Section-B (Dependency Status) of the Verification Worksheet for V1/V5 files is now auto-completed based off the ISIR.

Additional checklists for the Student Eligibility teams have been added to the checklist menu. 

October 2021

Effective MONDAY (10/25/2021) – Filters have been added to several pages within Student File Direct. 


In the School Tasks page, document indicators will be replaced with filters:

  • You can now filter by flag type, award year, document requests, stages (i.e. department) and branches as applicable.
  • If you click the down arrow next to the filter OR any of the filter options in the task bar, the filter menu will open, allowing you to choose your filters and either “clear” filters or “apply” filters.
  • Filters will always default to all on each log in.


In the FAS Tasks page filters will mimic School Tasks filters, however there will be no document request filter on this page.


In the Reviewed page filters will replace the green, yellow and gray indicators. Indicators may still be selected or deselected within the filter pane.

June 2021


You can now hide packets in the reviewed page after you’ve downloaded the information you need. You will notice a new gray indicator in the reviewed page labeled “HIDDEN.”

  1. To hide a student card, open it by clicking the student’s name.
  2. On the Document request bar where you would download their cleared packet, you can check “HIDE FROM REVIEWED”
  3. This will move the card into the HIDDEN bucket of this page.
  4. If a REVIEWED file undergoes another review like professional judgement, when the student is cleared a second time, the card will NOT be hidden. After reviewing the newest cleared packet, you can check HIDE again.


In anticipation of student integration – you may see a new document request type called ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. This is only viewable in the single ADD document option.

Creating an ACKNOWLEDGEMENT is for the student to click that they’ve read your comments on their file. 

Reminder: Student Integration is NOT LIVE yet. Please stay tuned for more information on student integration updates as we slowly roll out.

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