The Perks of Cosmetology


The opportunities for a cosmetology degree are endless. A career in cosmetology means that you can make your own schedule and your own hours. This allows you to fit your work life around your home life. Working part-time can also be an option.


If you have always wanted to travel, cosmetology can pave the way. From trade shows and educational seminars to travel for weddings and other special events, each day can bring different “office” view. Cosmetology includes hair, makeup, and all thing beauty so the opportunities are endless. You could even be a stylist or makeup artist to the stars.

Cost to attendance

Tuition can be costly; however, cosmetology is more affordable then most degree programs. The average tuition cost is $5,000 to $15,000, with top schools costing about $20,000. Choosing a public, accredited beauty school can make it possible to receive federal student loans which can assist with tuition and book costs. In addition, a cosmetology education can be completed, on average, in 14 months.


Trends are always changing and so are the techniques. There is always a new way to cut, color, and style hair and tricks for makeup are amazing. You also get to work with different clients, some of which can provide you with an exciting challenge. Hair shows provide another opportunity for you to try creative and fun styles.

Be a Boss

Probably the top perk of a cosmetology career is being your own boss. Not only do you have the power to set your own schedule, but you control your own pay. If owning your own salon is not an immediate option, it is possible to rent chair space in an established salon. Working for someone else allows you to build a client base, giving you training for when you run the show.



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