Return to Title IV Calculations

Federal regulations require all institutions participating in the Federal Student Assistance Programs to perform a Return of Title IV calculation for any student who was eligible for or received Title IV aid and is withdrawing from a program before finishing. The calculation and actual return of funds must be done within a certain time period to comply with the federal regulations.

FAS will perform the actual calculation for all withdrawing students in a timely manner and forward electronically to the institution the results so the institution can return any unearned Federal funds quickly within strict timelines. FAS will perform all tasks in returning funds to the Department of Education once the institution provides us with a few key data items via FASLINE the institution’s web based software.

FAS has found that by assisting the institution with this task, Return of Title IV is completed on time and the institution is saved from one of the most popular audit and program review findings, LATE RETURNS of Unearned Title IV.

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